Investment News

Investment News

MERJ Exchange Listings (November 2020)

Symbol Name Instrument Type ISIN Price*
SAC SACOS Group Ltd Equities – Main SC1311001004 SCR 105.00
BOD Bodco Ltd Equities – SME SC7935AGEJ10 SCR 18.25
SHI Sea Harvest Investment Plc Equities – VC SC7552DHAH89 USD 0.80
SBL Seychelles Breweries Ltd Equities – Main SC4783BDEB69 SCR 79.99
ORUSM5 Wealth Migrate Med 5 Ltd Equities – Main SC6496FCFH47 USD 1.00
WMCRO1 WM Cypress Ridge Ltd Equities – Main SC8305ADEC93 USD 0.30
ARIL Arinzano Limited Equities – Main SC3215CFDI45 ZAR 15,000.00
CDBL Campo de Borja Limited Equities – Main SC3044FADB33 ZAR 15,000.00
RDDL Ribera del Duero Limited Equities – Main SC3842IABJ87 ZAR 15,000.00
JUML Jumilla Limited Equities – Main SC8319FHGD95 ZAR 15,000.00
LAML La Mancha Limited Equities – Main SC4480ICAH00 ZAR 15,000.00
OTAL Otazu Limited Equities – Main SC3272GGBJ82 ZAR 15,000.00
CANL Cantabria Limited Equities – Main SC2788BBAB31 ZAR 15,000.00
VALL Valdepusa Limited Equities – Main SC9624EAEE92 ZAR 15,000.00
SOML Somantano Limited Equities – Main SC0073EBBB01 ZAR 15,000.00


*Prices displayed are prior day closing prices. Please Contact a MERJ for live prices and quotations.

**The Market Cap does not include 10 million shares of unlisted Common Stock.

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