Investment News

Investment News

Trop-X Closing Prices for week ending 10 Nov 2017

Company Name Symbol Price
Bodco Ltd BOD SCR24.00
Cedarwood International Investments Limited CIIL USD1.00
Sacos Group Ltd SAC SCR100.00
Sea Harvest Investment Plc SHI USD1.00
Seychelles Breweries Ltd SBL SCR66.00
Southchester RF Limited SCRF ZAR109.00
WM Med 5 Limited WMUSM5 USD1.00**
WM Aus Res 1 Limited WMAUR1 AUD1.00**
WM Cypress Ridge Limited WMCR01 USD1.00**
SA Res 1 Zero2One Limited WMSAR1 ZAR1.00
Entrepreneur Resorts Limited ERL USD1.00


WM Med 5 Limited (WMUSM5) and WMUSM7 (WMUSM7) have declared a fourth and second interim dividend, respectively, of $0.02 per participation share to be paid to shareholders holding shares at 4.00 PM on 17 November 2017. The dividend will be paid on 21 November 2017.

Sacos Group Ltd (SAC) announced on Thursday that John Esther, the current CEO has elected not to renew his contract which ends on 30 November 2017 and further announced that Jennifer Morel will be replacing Mr Esther as CEO of SAC from 1 December 2017.

** Subscription price

The SCR is currently trading at 13.79 to the USD, an increase by 0.36% (when compared to last week), 16.02 to the EUR (decrease by 0.01%) and 18.12 to the GBP (increase by 0.08%). The average interest rates on T-Bills dropped at the end of the week to 2.46% for the 91-day maturity from 2.75% and 2.89% for the 182-day maturity from 3.14%, when compared to last week.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Source: Seychelles Nation

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