Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Founded in 1980, Sacos Insurance Group is the leading insurance service provider in Seychelles. Sacos Insurance Group is currently listed on Trop-X, the Seychelles Securities Exchange. We proudly became the first company to be listed on Trop-X in August 2013 since the latter’s opening in November 2012. Since our original listing, our share price has experienced rapid growth from our original price of SCR35 to SCR115.

Stock brokers

  Constant Capital (Seychelles) Limited (Registration number 84103 06-1) F28-29  First Floor  Eden Plaza Eden Island  Mahé  Seychelles E T +248 434 6820     PKF Capital Markets (Seychelles) Limited F19 First Floor  Eden Plaza Eden Island  Mahé  Seychelles E T +248 434 6770 Alternatively, investors who still hold dematerialised shares may contact us directly at:

Sacos Investor Relations

Sacos Insurance Group (Incorporated in the Republic of Seychelles) (Registration number 820521-1) (Share code: “SAC” ISIN: SC1311001004) (“Sacos” or “the Company”)

Corporate Information and Advisor

  Company Secretary: Valsen Fiduciaries (Seychelles) Limited Registered office: Sacos Tower  Palm Street   Victoria  Mahé  Seychelles Postal address: P O Box 636  Victoria  Mahé  Seychelles E T +248 252 5217

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