Personal Accident

Personal Accident

Accidents happen. No matter how careful you are. Our Personal Accident Cover provides immediate benefits to cover any loss caused by an accident in Seychelles.

This policy provides cover against accidental death or bodily injury. Policy holders can choose from occupational or twenty-four hour basis. Premium rates vary according to occupation.

Compensation is based on a scale which is determined by the degree of the injury. Benefits include compensation for Total and Permanent Disability or death.

  • Choose between 24-hours Coverage, 365 days a year or on occupational basis
  • No medical tests required – immediate cover

Annual premium from only
SCR435 for occupational* coverage
SCR580 for 24-hour coverage

*Premium rates vary according to occupation

What is covered

  • Temporary Partial Disablement which prevents the Assured from attending to a substantial part of his business or occupation**
  • Temporary Total Disablement which entirely prevents you from attending to your business or occupation
  • Permanent Total Disablement***
  • Death
**Compensation is based on schedules of Benefits
***2.5% of the sum insured paid per week, or your actual weekly income
whichever is the lower for a period not exceeding 52 weeks.

What is not Covered?

  • Any unlawful act by the insured
  • Effect or influence of drugs / alcohol etc.
  • Dangerous sports like rock climbing, mountaineering, skin diving etc.
  • War, invasion or act of enemy etc.
  • Pre-existing disability or injury
  • Regular or temporary military or police duty

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