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Householders Insurance

Householders Insurance

Home insurance is about protecting the home you love and the contents that matter to you most. Therefore, we have designed two plans especially for your home and property to give you quality cover when you need it most.

Our Range of Householders Insurance

  • Householder’s Plan

    Our Home (Private Property) Insurance has been designed to meet the needs of home owners by providing compensation in the event that you should suffer damage to or loss of your home due to an unforeseen event, such as fire and other risks.

    Home (Private Property) Insurance consists of two elements: building insurance and home contents insurance.

    Building insurance would cover permanent fixtures such as bathroom, wardrobes and kitchen as well as the bricks and mortar whereas home contents cover belongings in the home such as the TV and other electrical goods, clothing, furnishings, jewellery and art, etc.

  • Fire Policy

    If you prefer a more basic cover, our fire policy protects your home in the event of fire, lightning and explosion.

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