Do you provide coverage for preexisting medical conditions?
Preexisting medical conditions are not covered under your travel insurance. Your policy will cover you however if you fall ill while overseas and had no previous knowledge of an existing condition.

Who do I contact if I have a medical emergency or I get into an accident?
Your policy provides you with an assistance contact. You should call that number if you have a medical emergency. Make sure that you carry your policy with you at all times when travelling overseas. If you are unresponsive, the emergency medical responders will be able to seek immediate assistance on your behalf.

Do you cover optical and dental expenses?
We do not provide coverage for optical and dental expenses, except for emergency dental which is covered in your policy.

What happens if I pass away overseas?
Depending on the circumstances of your death, the cost of repatriation to Seychelles will be covered by us. If death is caused as a result of a preexisting illness your family will have to identify other means of repatriation.

Do you cover passport and buggage loss?
Yes, we cover the cost associated with passport and baggage lost. If you have lost your passport, call the number provided in your policy. You will be assisted either with the help of finding and securing your lost passport or the cost of refund in relation to getting a new passport.


  • A copy of your passport with departure and return dates/ air tickets/boarding pass
  • A copy of your travel itinerary
  • Any written confirmation from any relevant sources stating any compensation paid or payable
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