Liability insurance

Liability insurance

What do I do if a person is injured on my work premise?
You should notify us immediately if there has been an injury on your premise if you have taken a Public Liability Insurance. The injured person can submit a claim to us if injured on your work premise. We would require the medical report to ascertain the severity of the injury before making direct payment to the injured.

What do I do if one of my employees suffers from a work-related death?
If you have taken a Group Personal Accident, we will compensate the family of your employee based on the sum insured. To provide coverage for your employee under this insurance, you should submit the name and ID of all the persons to be covered. Even you as an employer can also be insured under this policy. We will require a medical report from the Department of Health to ascertain whether the death was a result of negligence or natural death.


Public Liability Insurance

  • Duly filled and signed claim form
  • Police Report (If Burglary and Insured for Guest Effects)
  • Police Statement (If Burglary and Insured for Guest Effects)
  • List of damaged or loss items
  • Invoices/Receipts/Pro-Forma Invoices for Loss or damaged items
  • Medical Report of injured person
  • Death certificate (In case of accident resulting to deaths)

Employers Liability Insurance

> Duly filled and signed claim form
> Medical Report/Medical Note
> Sick Leave Certificate (s)
> Death Certificate (Incase of Death)
> Certified True copy of coroner’s/post mortem/autopsy report (Incase Accidental Death)
> Statement from the Injured person
> Statement from Witnesses (Optional)
> Police Report/Road traffic accident report (If applicable)
> Pay Slip (s)
> Copy of Gainful Occupational Permit (GOP) for foreigners.

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