Who we are

Who we are

Sacos Group Limited is the leading insurance service provider in Seychelles. We offer an extensive range of services which includes general insurance, life assurance and property management.

With 40 years of experience and rich history and an understanding of the local insurance market, we have built a strong legacy for ourselves in the insurance industry. We continue to evolve our business, with a strong commitment towards innovation and service excellence. Our success is largely due to our adaptability, versatility and commitment to continuously reinvent ourselves in a small but competitive and dynamic industry. We put people at the centre of our services as we value your trust and respect. We promise to take care of and understand your needs.

For this reason, we will offer you the best insurance products in the market most suited to your needs. We also commit ourselves to remain accountable to our clients and our shareholders. We strive to provide you with value for money and the best services on the island. We are ambitious and because of this, we intend to provide you with world-class service standards.

Our Company Structure

There are currently two separate entities constituting Sacos Group of Companies namely, Sacos Group Ltd and Sacos Life Assurance Company Ltd.

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