Congratulations to Yves Antoine our proud winner of the SCR150,000 Sacos Endowment Plan

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Congratulations to Yves Antoine our proud winner of the SCR150,000 Sacos Endowment Plan

Thursday, 24 September 2020

The lucky winner for this 40th anniversary promotion is 19-year-old Yves Antoine, who walked away with a free 10-year Sacos Endowment Plan, worth SR150,000 (plus any bonuses that will accrue over the 10-year period). “I feel really happy, mostly shocked because I was not expecting this” said Yves. He added that he is still very young  and does not know what will happen in the future as anything is possible and therefore it’s important that he saves and encourages the young generation to also invest in a policy from Sacos.
Yves was still a baby, at only 1-year-old, when his father, Mr Denis Antoine, bought him his first life assurance plan (a Sacos Junior Assurance Plan) back in 2002. “ I had just started to work and Yves’ mother was studying overseas and I didn’t know what could happen to me or his mother so I decided to buy the policy for Yves”. Mr Antoine did not tell his son about his life policy until he turned 18. Fortunately for Yves, who will be proceeding for his overseas training as soon as the current Covid situation permits, his policy will mature next year, in 2021, where he will get his full sum insured plus accrued bonuses accumulated over the term of his policy. He plans to use it as pocket money whilst overseas so that he does not have to rely too much on his parents to send him money.
Yves Antoine is amongst the other 20,000 plus other policy holders who have made the right decision and invested in a life assurance with Sacos. Ms Jennifer Morel the CEO of Sacos presented Yves with his prize in the presence of Mrs Charmayne De Commarmond  the Head of Life Department at Sacos and his father and mother and little brother.


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