Tree Planting Activity

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Tree Planting Activity

Today’s tree planting activity initiated by the staff of Sacos to commemorate the company’s 40th anniversary was another successful event.

Every year for the Sacos anniversary, the staff of Sacos carry out a series of activities where they dedicate their time and effort to give a little back to the community. This year, given that it is a special anniversary – 40 year anniversary – staff wanted to contribute towards something that will last forever – something that will grow with the company for another 40 years, and another 40 after that. We wanted to contribute towards the health of our environment, given that our health depends on it. Be it for our own personal well-being or the health of the country’s economy, which Sacos as a key player in the insurance sector depends on for its business. We believe planting trees is one of the most important things we can do to contribute to the health of our environment. Hence the tree planting initiative of today.

Sacos also took the opportunity to donate some forestry tools to SNPA which will assist in this important work they are doing. After the small ceremony the group then proceeded to the actual task as hand where 4 x 40 (160) endemic plants of “bwad nat” and “fey latanier” were planted.

A big thank you to the SNPA for making this event possible and a success and we wish them all the best in all their future efforts in keeping our environment healthy.

A big thank you also to our friends over from the Outsiders volleyball team who joined forces with the staff of Sacos in this important initiative today.

We look forward to carry out many more of such “green initiatives” in the future. #sacoshereforyou

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