Purchase your “Mortgage Life Insurance” with Sacos and stand a chance to win a return-ticket to Dubai and get free fire insurance for your house*!

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Purchase your “Mortgage Life Insurance” with Sacos and stand a chance to win a return-ticket to Dubai and get free fire insurance for your house*!

Monday 21st October 2019

As part of its Festive Season give-away promotion, from the 21st October 2019 to 18th December 2019, all customers who purchase a new Mortgage Life Insurance Plan with Sacos, will not only stand a chance to win a return ticket to Dubai in our 23rd December draw, but also get a Free Fire Insurance Policy for 1 year, if their sum assured is above SCR700,000.

The Sacos Mortgage Life Insurance Plan offers credit protection coverage, the purpose of which is to settle your insured debts with the respective financial institutions in the event of Total and Permanent Disability or death. This ensures that your family will not be burdened by your debts in case of your disability or demise. The Fire Insurance plan on the other hand, provides the minimum protection for your investment in your house in case of fire, lightning and explosion.

Why should I Buy a Mortgage Insurance?

When it comes to protecting one of your most valuable assets, a mortgage insurance is crucial in case something unfortunate happens to you. There are two main options for protecting yourself: you can either take out mortgage life insurance protection specifically to cover your mortgage or secured loan repayments, which have been taken to build/purchase your new home, refurb your current home, invest in a business / in your or your child’s education, purchase a new car, and more, or get a credit life protection insurance to cover small-unsecured loans.

Your mortgage is probably your biggest monthly outgoing. If you were unable to work due to disability or death, you or your family would still need to make the repayments for your ,loan or you would risk losing your assets. Sacos mortgage life insurance plan is here to protect you and your family!

Visit/Call us or one of our agent/broker not only to protect yourself, your family and your asset but also for your chance to win with Sacos! You can also visit our website https://www.sacos.sc/here-for-you/credit-protection-insurance/ where you can get more information on our product or request a quote.

Sacos Here for you.

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