Taking care of our people! Sacos organises outing for the elderly

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Taking care of our people! Sacos organises outing for the elderly

On Saturday 24th August Sacos organised an outing for the residents of the elderly Home at Anse Etoile. The aim of the event was to provide a memorable day and an opportunity for the elderly to enjoy themselves in a stress free environment outside their residence, as some have not been able to go out of their home for a couple of years. The event was grounded in culture and provided a catalyst for the elderly to reminisce the good old days.

The event was organized in phases, the first phase being a road trip from the home throughout the northern region of the island from Anse Etoile through Glacis and Beau-Vallon to Victoria. The participants were excited to view the outside world beyond the home. With a smile plastered on their face, the elderly crafted the journey to Domaine de Val des Prés Craft village, where they had a chance to explore the village to their heart’s content. The village excursion also provided an opportunity for the elderly to stretch their legs and rejuvenate after an extensive trip.

At around midday the elderly made their way to the Ballet residence for a private lunching hosted by Mrs. Ballet. The attendees were greeted with welcome drink made from freshly squeezed fruit. During lunch time the attendees were spoiled for choice, as an array of Creole dishes were served as the “pièce de résistance” accompanied by traditionally made desert. As the afternoon progressed, Mrs. Ballet had a few surprises up her sleeve, whereby a symphony of traditional melody was played much to the elderlys’ amusement. From there on the festivities only flourished as the attendees danced the “Kanmtole” as if their feet had a mind of their own.  As the event drew to a close the participants were served lemon grass tea to quench their thirst.

To conclude the day, all the elderlies received a gift basket from Sacos, while other participants received memorabilia as a token of our appreciation, after which farewells were exchanged and the elderly made their way back to the home. Sacos remains a major supporter of the pillars of the community and enjoyed sponsoring the event.

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For more information, please contact:

Mélissa Duffets
Public Relations and Marketing Manager
Sacos Insurance Group
T 429 5000
E melissa.duffets@sacos.sc

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