Sacos Rewards 4th Winner of our Motor Full Comprehensive Promotion!

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Sacos Rewards 4th Winner of our Motor Full Comprehensive Promotion!

Monday, 10 December 2018

On 28 November 2018 Sacos awarded its 4th group of prize winners for the Motor Full Comprehensive promotion, which it launched since July 2018, whereby 1 lucky customer wins back his/her annual premium, while 9 others win Sacos’ motor related branded giveaways.

Ms. Pauline Delorie is our Star prize winner for draw for October and wins back SCR9640. Ms. Delorie said, “I have been a customer of Sacos for over 20 years! I really did not expect this! It’s the first time I win such a prize! I’m very happy for this unexpected surprise.”

Our other winners, who have been with Sacos between 20 to 30 years, were: Mrs. Erica Balette, Mr. Patrick Coopoosamy & Mrs. Samantha Pool, Mr. Garry Domingue, Ms. Deepa Sebastian, Mr. Geoffrey Gold, Mr. Elvis Telemaque, Ms. Lynn Didon, Mr. Patrick Andre and Mr. Clive Allisop. They walk away with; First Aid Kits, Emergency Tool kits, car phone chargers which double as a glass breaker, sun shades, sun screens, neck cushions and stool set. They expressed their surprise and encouragement towards this initiative and look forward for more surprises from Sacos.

“Sacos have been giving back to our insurance customers over the past year with our various promotions including Life insurance, travel insurance, home insurance and we are very happy that through this ongoing motor comprehensive promotion we have rewarded over 36 clients with the various prizes since June 2018 and we look forward to rewarding more clients as a reward for their loyalty” says Brigitte Appoo, Head PR & Communications of Sacos.

Our next draw will take place on 17th December 2018 and again all existing and new private comprehensive and Taxi operators who have a full comprehensive cover with us will enter the draw and one lucky winner will win-back their annual insurance premium, of up to SCR30,000.

Hurry, ensure you buy your new insurance or renew your insurance before the next draw and you can be the winner!

Brigitte Appoo
Head of PR and Communications
Sacos Insurance Group
T 429 5000

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