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Sacos Junior and Education Plans

Monday 30 July 2018

The phrase “saving for the future” is fast becoming a household word in Seychelles, and has recently been emphasized by Finance Minister, Mr. Loustau-Lalanne during his visits to the banks and Minister Larue during the symposium on the ageing population. We also saw the graduation of 211 students from the Seychelles Tourism Academy, this month and as parents we are thinking of how we can start making savings for ourselves, our children and our family to meet future aspirations.

This is why Sacos provides insurance policies which, works out as great savings schemes backed by an insurance protection, which makes your future aspirations achievable regardless of any unforeseen events. As parents, most of us think ahead for our children’s future and hope to see them grow and prosper.

The Sacos Junior and Educational plans can help you financially prepare for your child’s education and first step into adulthood, and at the same time, have them covered should anything happen to you. “With the rising cost of education at colleges and universities around the world and with the wishes of parents to give their kids the best opportunity, it is important to start saving for our children’s future early,” said Percy Quatre, General manager of Sacos Life insurance, “It is equally important to ensure that they will receive the quality education and achieve their aspiration, no matter what happens and our Junior and Education plans allow parents to do just that. Over time, the parents can build funds, while ensuring that their children will be cared for, should the unexpected happen.”

For the period of July through August, all new customers will enter a draw to stand a chance to be one of the 10 winners of vouchers for clothes, toys, books and cakes from our partners; namely Millie Dou, Kool Kids, Nessa’s Corner, Chrihorls Inflatables, Chanterelle, Toy Box, Sweet Occasions, Baby Mama and DIY. To keep track of the promotion, visit our Facebook page.
As an “avant gout” the first three prizes will be:

The Sacos Junior and Educational Plan entail the following key features:

Sacos Junior Plan

  • Pays full sum assured with bonuses to the child when they reach 18,19,20 or 21
  • Covers both the parent and the child’s lives
  • Sacos waives off all future premiums in the event death / Total permanent disability of the parent

Sacos Education Plan

  • Pays 10% of sum assured every year in the last 5 year of the policy
  • Pays 50% of the sum insured + bonuses upon maturity
  • Pays full sum assured upon death/Total permanent disability

Hurry, let Sacos help make your child’s dreams come true. Invest in your child’s future today! Call us on 4295000 or one of our agents (
Sacos, here for you.

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