Sacos and the FIFA World Cup Finals

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Sacos and the FIFA World Cup Finals

Friday 20 July 2018

It’s been an exciting month, watching the FIFA World Cup and what an unexpected, or rather pleasant (for some) ending!

After 20 years, France is crowned the winner for the second time in FIFA World Cup history. The French team gave an awesome performance, undoubtedly deserving of being called a world champion. There were many heroes during the night, but a notable moment was a beautiful goal from Mbappe who now becomes the second teenager to score in a world cup final (first being Pele, of course). We congratulate all the goal scorers for making the finals an exciting one to watch.

Being an avid supporter of sports and knowing that the Seychelles nation is no exception, Sacos decided to launch the World Cup prediction game on our Facebook page to engage with the community. In doing so, we attracted 43,047 posts engagements and a total of 2660 entries in the different matches! It was exciting as we kept posting the predictions for each match to see that fans became more involved.

Hence, why on Friday 20th we rewarded the winners of our World Cup prediction competition at our head office in the presence of our CEO Ms. Jenifer Morel. “Insurance is an integral elements of large events like world-cup as there are many risks that needs to be covered, such as event of natural disasters, fail in infrastructure, postponement of games, players injury among many other risks that insurers had a to cover, but we are also happy to also participate with the community on a fun level during this important event” said Ms. Morel

Quarter Finals
Uruguay v/s France – Samantha Fred
Brazil v/s/ Belgium- Mayna Pierre
England v/s Sweden – Marie Denise Vidot
Russia v/s Croatia – Ana Bella

Semi Finals
France vs Belgium – Twenty-Four Seven Car Hire
Croatia vs England – Chantal Herminie

Third Place Play Off
Belgium vs England – Samantha Fred

France vs Croatia – Matthias Zialor (The only person who predicted the right score)

The winners walk away with Sacos branded products comprising of power bank, diary, desk calendar, car sunshade, neck pillow and umbrella. The presentation was done by CEO, Ms. Jennifer Morel, who congratulated the winners and urged them to keep up the good spirit and to keep participating.


Our finalist winner, Mr. Matthias Zialor’s reaction was “I was happy and it is much appreciated for the prize…. Thank you!”

Prize Winners L-R: Steven from Twenty-Four Seven Car Hire, Chantal Herminie’s sister, Anna Bella and Matthias Zialor

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