Sacos “Exceeding Greatness” Awards

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Sacos “Exceeding Greatness” Awards

Monday 23 July 2018

Sacos’ recognizes the strength and support of its partners in order for the company to grow and achieve success. This is why it launched the “Exceeding Greatness” Awards for its agents and brokers for 2017. The contest guides them to achieve certain targets and provides them with a vision for their achievement.

The agents and brokers were invited at the Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort & Casino on Saturday 21st July for the prize giving and for the official launch of the new contest for 2018, entitled “The Sky is the Limit”.

Winners of the first part of the contest based on Ordinary Policies, were:

  • Ms. Marie-Paule Rose
  • HEFCA Insurace Brokers
  • Ms. Rency Ernesta

The second part of the contest based on Mortgage Policies was won by:

  • FairDeal Insurance Broker
  • HEFCA Insurance Brokers
  • Mr. Dolor Ernesta

Overall winners, from first to third place, respectively, were

  • HEFCA Insurance Brokers
  • FairDeal Insurance Broker
  • Marie-Paule Rose

In all categories the winners were awarded cash prizes and the special Sacos shields of Titanium, Ruby and Pearl. Surely, this will be a token worth keeping for years to come and as a reminder to contributing to the success of the company. On behalf of HEFCA, Anna Lafleur had the honour of collecting the Titanium trophy and had this to say, “it is an honour and privilege to accept this award. We have worked hard to achieve the targets and will work even harder for the new challenge!”

Jenifer Morel, Chief Executive of Sacos Insurance Group, also added “The hard work of our agents has contributed to Sacos being the number 1 for Life Insurance in Seychelles. Our agents are extremely important to us and we provide a clear path with great incentive for them to succeed. I look forward to working with them as Sacos continues to grow and provides customers with innovative and high-quality products.”

The prize giving was preceded by a leisurely lunch whereby the agents and brokers could mingle and get to know the new management of Sacos.


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