Happy retirement Mr Selwyn Medor!

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Happy retirement Mr Selwyn Medor!

Having recently celebrated his 65th birthday, Selwyn Medor will soon be leaving the company to enjoy his well-deserved retirement after dedicating 33 years of service to Sacos.  A hard working, trustworthy and devoted employee, Selwyn has – for the past 10 years – occupied the post of Senior Property Manager, a position that has earned him a lot of respect from his peers and the tenants.

His co-workers and acquaintances recognize him for his competence and discipline, as well as for his jovial character and great sense of humor.

Being a very health conscious person, Selwyn leads a highly active lifestyle, paying particular attention to his diet and exercises regularly. He never misses an opportunity to encourage other staff to eat healthily and have a fitness regime.

We thought it was only appropriate to celebrate Selwyn’s long service with us by catching up with him and asking a few questions on the years he has spent at Sacos, and his plans for the future.


Do you remember your first day?

Not specifically my first day, I remember being approached by Mrs. Martha Rene who was then in charge of Sacos. She offered me a position as assistant manager of the Pirates Arms building, which Sacos owned back then. I gladly accepted.


What other positions have you occupied with the company?

After three months as the Pirates Arms assistant manager I was promoted to manager. During my time at Sacos I have always been drawn to the field of property management. And that is why I welcomed the move of the company into real estate development. Since 1998 I have been occupying the position of Manager for properties, and then promoted to senior Manager in August 2008, a role I have truly enjoyed.


What have you found most challenging?

I would say the biggest challenges I have encountered is having to deal with the different tenants housing our apartments. You can imagine having to interact with people from all different walks of life. It has not always been easy but I guess that is all part of the job. When we first started, property management was still new to us. But with time we found our way and got better at it. Today, the company has put in place the guidelines and standards for tenants to abide by whilst residing and occupying our properties.


What is your fondest memories of your time with Sacos?

Sacos has always been very active and engaged in sports. We had our own football team at one time. I remember going around the island to pick up staff to play on Saturdays. Sometimes they would not turn up and I remember there was one guy we picked up along the way one Saturday to play as our goal keeper. He ended up getting a job with Sacos!


What will you miss the most about Sacos?

The people of course! Having worked here for more than three decades, I have witnessed the transformation the company has undergone.  I have always felt part of the Sacos family and I can honestly say I will miss coming to work every morning!


Any advice for the newcomers?

Always love and enjoy the work you do! And remember at the end of the day it’s all about making a positive impact and a difference in the lives of the people we serve every day. This will make you feel good about yourself.


What are your plans for the retirement?

I am looking forward to focus on my gardening, something that I am very passionate about, and spending time with my family especially the grandchildren. I will continue being active and I look forward to participate in many more marathons!


With his extensive wealth of knowledge in property management, Selwyn’s retirement will be felt deeply in Sacos but will be a well-deserved respite for him. His charisma and presence will be missed by all staff and our tenants who have become so accustomed to him. We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to his years of service, dedication and abundance energy and wish him a wonderful retirement!

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