Sacos staff clean and paint President’s Village

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Sacos staff clean and paint President’s Village


11 October 2017

A team of workers from local insurance firm State Assurance Corporation of Seychelles (Sacos) gathered at the President’s Village at Port Glaud on Saturday to clean the premises, paint the building and had lunch with the children.

They also distributed ‘Sacos’ t-shirts to the residents of the village.

The activity forms part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme where it gives back to the community.

It is also part of the company’s performance indicators where they encourage staff to undertake a minimum of eight hours community service.

Jeanine Lawen, a mother at the village, expressed her appreciation for the assistance given by Sacos.

“I want to say thank you for the generous help given to our children and to assist us in maintaining our place. The children also are very grateful as it will make them very happy to see their building with a fresh coat of paint and the surroundings very clean,” said Ms Lawen.

Among the staff was the company’s chief executive, John Esther, who was also very happy for Sacos to be able to make a difference in the village and the children’s lives.

He described the day spent with the children as a way to relieve stress as working in a company like Sacos can be quite stressful and demanding.

But this is not the first time Sacos engages in such CSR activities. Mr Esther explains:

“This forms part of our objectives to make sure we have an impact in the community so it can consider Sacos not only an insurance company but one which has a corporate responsibility programme where we make sure it touches the maximum number of people as possible at the end of the year,” said Mr Esther.

Mr Esther mentioned the various activities Sacos had been involved in in the past like at the North East hospital and where it has continuously sponsored sports teams like Premium Cobras (basketball), Premium Spikers (volleyball), Outsiders (basketball), swimming competitions every year and is contributing sponsorship to officials for the IOCC competition to be held in Seychelles soon.

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